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My Love For Food

April 11, 2007

As a kid, I have always admired those pastries and breads displayed at those amazing buffets at hotels. It has this WOW effect on me as I wandered through, with Dad offering to grab whatever I wanted and placed them on my plate or plates – I am constantly told that I am greedy by my eyes. I always get what I wanted, well almost, as my little head always thinks what would it feel like to have all those wonderful things just for myself, not necessarily to eat them, but just to have them, maybe because they seem like collectibles.  But like everyone, I grew up and found out that amazingly they are better consumed, even better if you made them with your bare hands. They evoke a pleasant and satisfying experience, just like you are tasting the fruits of your “hard labour” – considering it takes merely 40minutes of barely active work, nevertheless it is amazing, nourishing both your mind and soul.  

Made with Blood & Sweat

My Blue Cheese and Fig Sourdough 

I had this for my breakfast today, before going for a job interview. It lit up my whole day, amazing wonders that food can do to you, or I am simply easily pleased…….. I’ll have to work that one out down the track. BUT, I would happily anyone that can serve this to me everyday……..maybe not everyday, every other day.


Feel Good Breakfast Anyone ??